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    1. 全國服務熱線:8613969910056

      LY VOHSIN IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD 臨沂沃鑫進出口有限公司

      Building Materials,Hardwares,Textiles,Daily Necisseties, Subsidiary Agricultural products......


      LY Vohsin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd is one main trading unite of our state owned group in pingyi county China, which specializes in the building material line including gypsum board,pvc gypsum tile,ceramic tile, grids, hardwares,stone product, chemical line including mosquito coil,clothings line including working glove, food line including garlic,chestnuts,and light industrial machinery. The above main items are met well in our domestic and abroad markets such as the middle east asia, africa. Top quality, good faith, fast production, best price, and client’s satisfaction are our work rule and goal. Give us one chance, return you best results !

      Ethan Xie    General Manager

      Zhongcun Town Pingyi County Shandong Prov. China

      LY Vohsin Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd, LY Diligence Building Materials Co.,Ltd

      MSN:  zydecoration@hotmail.com    Skype: ecredit000, zydecoration  QQ: 916781602. Wechat/WhatsAp:(0086)13969910056.

      Email box:  916781602@qq.comvohsin@foxmail.comzydecoration@hotmail.com

      Mobile phone No.: 8613969910056, 17662826538,15020901371


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      山東省 臨沂市 平邑縣 仲村鎮商業街




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